Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You are in the waiting.

This has been hard. I mean harder than anything that I have done, ever. Months of waiting, I thought I was ready for. But the idea of waiting was nothing compared to the reality of this time passing.
And I am so thankful for this, because God knows that I need to need Him more. Really.

Tuesday was the first of the month, which means an update from our agency and a new wait number. It has been months of agony seeing the same number over and over and over. Months.
This month I did a double take- WE MOVED! Little, but movement. So very thankful. Hopeful!


We are in need of prayer. Some serious prayer. I cannot go deep into specifics online, I need to be sensitive to protecting all parties involved (agencies, governments, people etc.)
But there are two very important meetings coming up, tomorrow April 4 and Sunday April 6. These meetings are not specific to just our adoption, but hundreds of adopting families.

Will you please pray with us?

Please pray that:
-Adoption in Ethiopia would continue, and at a steady pace.
-Families in Ethiopia would have the means to stay together.
-Children in real need of family would find loving families.
-God would soften hearts of willing families towards 'waiting' or 'special needs' children.
-Orphanages, adoption agency's, and government officials, would all hear each other and communicate well&they would think of the children's best interest
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will let you all know as soon as I hear any news!


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