Puzzle Fundraiser

In order to raise funds for our Ethiopian adoption (approximately $25,000 to $28,000), we are starting a Puzzle Fundraiser. 
People who donate to our Adoption Fund will be 'purchasing' puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces purchased will have the name of the person and or family donating written on the back. As people or families purchase puzzle pieces, the Adoption Puzzle will be assembled. I will try to keep my blog updated as the puzzle makes progress!
After the puzzle is completed, we will frame it between two pieces of glass, and hang it in our child's bedroom! This will be a wonderful keepsake for life,  our child will see all of the people who were part of bringing him/her home.
We have decided to sell the pieces by 2. 
$10 buys you two pieces...
you can of course buy more than two pieces ($10=2, $20=4, $30=6 ...etc)
The most helpful thing you can do for us is share, share, SHARE this page with others you know. If everyone gives a small amount it will make an eternal impact in our child's life!

Once ALL pieces are purchased we will have a drawing! We will put all pieces in a hat, and if you're name is chosen you win this gorgeous bag! Or a $75 dollar gift card to www.sandoodles.etsy.com! The more pieces you buy, the greater chance that you'll win! ;)

You can donate by giving me a check (made out to Jonathan or Kimberly Patterson), or cash in person. Or if you are more comfortable by sending a check in the good old snail mail! If you need my home address please just send me an e-mail @ kimmyjsimpson@gmail.com.
Please donate in even $10 amounts! Thank you!!!

Or donate right here!

The Patterson Family

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