Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yesterday, my sweet husband's birthday, and also our appointment date to be fingerprinted. There were no cameras allowed inside (sadly. I would love to document every detail of this journey!) It was quick and very simple. I had imagined in my mind real ink fingerprints, but it was all done on a scanning computer system. This is just one step closer to finishing our dossier, then over to Ethiopia it will go!

Please be praying for:

-USCIS sends us an approval letter...soon!
-that I can finish all other documents in the meantime while waiting for that letter, that way it will be 100% complete and ready to be sent to our agency (Lifeline)-they will look it over and translate it for us...then it will be ready to be sent-I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS DAY!
-prayers of thanks to God, He continues to show Himself to us, and continues to send people who are an encouragement.
-that God would use our story for His glory alone-that people would not see this as a 'great thing' we're doing but that God's name would be heard and known through this that He has allowed us to be apart.
-our sweet child, for good health&love until we can hold them in our arms!