Tuesday, April 8, 2014

the meetings.

There were so many things that we can thank the Lord for! He is at work! The meetings in Ethiopia went well, better then I expected to be honest! (I want to be clear, Jon and I were NOT IN Ethiopia, and these meetings were NOT specifically about us. The meetings were much bigger then any one personal adoption, they would affect all adoption out of Ethiopia at this time.)

I have to be careful with what I write in a 'public' setting. I am able to speak personally with people about ins and outs, but I also understand how some of the happenings are and should be protected.
One thing that is public knowledge was that adoption in Ethiopia has had a complete 'slow down'. And when I say slow down, I mean trickle....
After this meeting we are assured that adoption in Ethiopia is open still (AMEN!) And that things should start moving again soon! (AMEN!)

There were decisions made that as a whole we want to be sure that international adoption is the LAST resort for the children of Ethiopia. I agree completely. And I pray that able families stay together, and children who can find loving families in country do. Please pray with me that ONLY the children in REAL NEED and have NO WHERE to turn are the ones being adopted internationally (they are SO LOVED and WANTED!). There are steps in place for this to happen, and I am praying it runs smoothly and effectively.

God has a child in mind for my family, chosen before creation. I don't think any of these events have not been 'part of HIS plan' from the very beginning. It is hard to not feel like we have some little sense of control...let me tell you He has made it very clear that we have NONE! His plans are greater, and He is doing something WAY bigger here then just taking care of me & my little family. The Lord Himself has these children in mind! I pray that the very best is done for them!

Moving forward, yes moving!
We are now planning on a few months of quiet... things are getting put into place in Ethiopia that need to be...so more learning patience for me! ;)
After these few months things should start moving again. I know I am sucking up all your prayer time, but can we pray for this again? Please! Specifically though I am begging (always) for prayer for our child, that we do not know yet. The one chosen, loved, and so wanted! Patience and comfort in this unknown.

The Patterson Family

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