Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still here!

Yes, we're still here! Man, when they say things like, "adoption is hard" or "there is a lot of paperwork." ...they sure do mean it!

We have been stalled at the same spot for months. We cannot blame any one thing in particular, there are just so many small steps that are just incredibly time consuming! Our home study meetings had been finished for months (the last and final meeting was at the end of October 2013)...and the months just kept passing!

But good news! Our home study is finished and is now in the hands of the adoption agency, Lifeline Children's Services. There is still a lot more paperwork to do to be able to send our dossier to Ethiopia...but this completing the home study and having it in the hands of our agency was a HUGE leap!!!

There are so many things that bring tears to my eyes lately. It is hard to listen to a sermon without thinking of my sweet little someone. Lyrics in songs have never had so much meaning.

Waiting for you,
my God has never been so big.

P.S. Our online auction was a BIG success! (Thank you Sue!)
Thank you everyone who participated, whether donating or bidding! I am so thankful that God is providing financially!