Our Family

In college my older sister Sue dated (and married!) Mark. This is how Jon was introduced to me, as 'Mark's best friend'. Sue kept trying to set us up, which was incredibly awkward...but it turns out older sisters know best (sometimes!).  The first few times Jon and I spent together were forced and seemed completely platonic...we could be friends? But after a square dance, a country concert, and a date chasing skunks and climbing trees near the river, I was in love. Really though. I knew that I was going to marry this man. He was not as easy a sell though. But after a few years and a few conversations of how I wanted to marry him, and have 12 children, he was sold.

Fast forward...
Now Jon and I live together with our daughters Audrey (almost 4) and Norah (2 1/2) in Lowell, MA. Jon works as a lineman for Groton Electric in Groton, MA, while I am a stay at home mother. Our hopes as a family is that we serve Christ in every area of our lives.
Things we love:
Our church
Park/playground visits
Bike rides
Music-listening and making it!
Second hand store/clearance rack treasure hunting 

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