Thursday, January 10, 2013

The process.

So I know a lot of you are wondering where we are at! To be honest, we are STILL at the beginning of the process. It is a lot. A whole lot. But honestly I am getting more excited daily. Things that were 'thoughts' are now becoming realities! Right now we are still 'paperwork pregnant'...slow and steady!
Here is a rundown of the process of adoption from Ethiopia specifically:

  • Provide initial application, with references, to Lifeline for review
  • Receive preliminary approval into the program
  • Begin your home study with a licensed home study provider
  • Receive official acceptance into the program (Requires home study review)
  • Make application for USCIS approval
  • Dossier compilation and submitted to Lifeline for approval
  • Send Complete Dossier for authentication and translation
  • Start your immunizations
  • Receive Referral. (Typically about 12-15 months after Dossier submission)
  • Receive Court Assignment (1-6 months post referral)
  • Travel for 1st visitation and court appearance
  • Prepare final documents and discuss travel
  • Pick up your Child (Normally, 3-4 months post court approval)
  • Usual length of stay is 5-7 days in-country for each visit

-there are somethings that may be slightly different. I am really hoping that our wait for a referral time is a little less, because we are not looking for a 'healthy infant'. But all in God's time!
There will come a day that we are holding our child, there will be a day that they will be declared part of our family legally, and there will be a day that we bring them home! And until then as we work on the process, God is working in our hearts preparing us for that day!