Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Right Off Thier Hinges

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways, and other times He blatantly reaches down and you find yourself in the middle of a miracle.

 Jon and I have started this process with no way to pay for it completely. The payments come in chunks, some small enough that we have been able to pay for this far, but as we go down this road the chunks get bigger...which we knew ahead of time.To pay for the majority were going to either A) get help with or B) take out a loan for.
There are moments that I doubt this whole thing, I am such a doubting Thomas. (p.s. I LOVE the name Thomas!) But it is amazing how clear God has made himself with this being His will. Unbelievable really.
Before we started the adoption journey Jon and I prayed specifically that doors would slam in our faces if this was not His will for us. Well, they were all full on open, and now He is now flinging them off their hinges just for fun.

I heard of Love Gives through Leslie, a friend of our family and previous student of my sister Kristin, who is now attending Centerpoint Church in MD. The Pastor there, Donnie Reynolds, has a heart for adoption. The Church has started http://love-gives.com/ to help adoptive families on their way. Leslie, learning that we were adopting told my sister, who relayed the message to me. And I am beyond glad that she did! That night I e-mailed them Jon and my story of adoption. -a few weeks later I got a very unexpected phone call from Pastor Donnie Reynolds. My heart is completely blessed by not only having the gift of financial support, but also having brothers and sisters in Christ walking and praying right along with us! It is beyond obvious to me that Jon and I are not the only ones fighting for this child, God is.

It has taken almost a complete week for this to sink in, it is hard for me to speak about without tears. God's ways are so much bigger than ours...and His family is without boarders. We are completely grateful, completely humbled, and completely in awe at how God is not only making the path clear, but providing for our every need.

Please pray for:
-Prayers of thanks for this unbelievable gift to our family
-USCIS & finger printing to go smoothly &soon!
-Our sweet child, for comfort and hope

The Patterson's