Sunday, October 15, 2017


There has been a ton that has happened since the last post. I am sorry friends, sometimes I am just not a writer, but a feeler. So many emotions, the ups and downs, we have to really experience them first for ourselves before sharing. But I also find that when I do share, the load becomes lighter, and I am so thankful for those who have been and will be praying with us as we long to have our "S" home.

As many of you know Ethiopia has been pretty up and down with their international adoptions. On April 21, of this year they declared a no more adoptions coming from Ethiopia. This was heartbreaking. BUT God moved and there was an agreement that children matched to families prior to this date would be allowed to finish their adoption process. ++Thank you to any of you crazies who shared our signature signing petition! ++ Also thank you to Senators and Representatives from all over the U.S. who involved themselves in fighting for our families.

We moved forward to rainy season praying that all paper work on behalf of "S" would be sorted out, and we would get the official MOWA letter, and court date when courts reopened in October. Well...
during rainy season our agency officially closed their doors. We have found this out a few weeks ago. And have been scrambling for a new agency to take our case. This closing is both big news time wise and also financially. But, God has provided, and He will continue to provide.

We have applied to a new agency and are hoping to hear this week if they will accept our case and move forward with the adoption of "S". Please pray that this is the case! There is only one other agency that we know of taking cases in Ethiopia at this time.

I keep getting asked how others can help us, and honestly my hearts desire is that you would pray, for us, for "S" and for our process. This process has not been easy in any sense of the word. The hard is a reminder that this is warfare. So please, pray with us!

** Usually when I blog I think about and plan what I am going to write and share. This may seem bit scattered, because it is. Things change daily, hourly even. Please be patient with us!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Esther 4:14

Esther 4:14
"Who can say but that GOD has brought you into the palace for such a time as this?"

Five years ago, on March 28 to be exact, Jon and I started the process of international adoption for a child from Ethiopia. God has done amazing things for us in those five years. 
-The birth of our third biological daughter Ruth
-A home that feels like home
-The start of our mini farm
-A new church 
-Homeschooling our daughters (and beginning to connect with other homeschooling families in our area)

The years have been full of transitions for us. And we have been eager to share what God is now doing with our adoption. I have received questions of 'if' we are still adopting ๐Ÿ˜‰  My friends, it has NEVER been in question. The only question in our minds has been when will God move? How long must we wait? And what on earth is He waiting for?! Haha! But He has waited for a time as this. His timing is perfect, even five years later.

When we started the process one of our concerns was the financial burden. We have had a pie fundraiser, by Calvary Bible church in Meredith NH. An online silent auction from our friends and family. We started a puzzle fundraiser. And also a 10,000 donation from Centerpoint Church in Annapolis MD. All the money that was given to us sat in a bank account for years. YEARS. God provides, even in advance.

This past October we finally got the call we have been waiting for! Our referral phone call๐Ÿ˜€ We were able to pay immediately the full adoption fee! It was exactly what we had in our account! Is God not amazing!? We have since been working on paperwork, praying, and emailing closely with our agency.  

We had asked for a boy or girl under the age of four, and were open to a child with 'special needs' specifically HIV+. ((We can make plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9)) 

We have accepted the referral of a beautiful little girl. She is healthy. She chubby. She perfect! We have seen her grow in pictures for the past 6 months and are so in love with her! We cannot wait to bring little 'S' home! 
***Until she is legally declared our daughter we are unable to share any personal info via social media ie pictures, name...***

Please pray for her as she waits.
Please pray for our hearts to prepare well. 
Please pray for paperwork to move along smoothly.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 years and counting...

It's been two years from the start...but whose counting?!?! Ha. Things are quiet, but we are hopeful. The blog is hard to update, when there are no real updates. I promise I'll write as soon as there is any new news. Until then, I have decided to write more about family life-while we are here waiting.

This summer we have decided to go screen less. Well for the most part anyway. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram for me. No tv, no ipads for the girls. I have decided though to keep facebook activated, to post blog posts on. (yes, I am allowing blog time!) And here and there (weekly at most!) we may have a family movie night! Even in the past fews days, I have enjoyed the difference it is making for my girls and I! More outside time. More reading time. More enjoying the moment together time.

We spent our weekend at 'the camp'
Cousin Eva, so loved by our girls
The two beauties adventuring
Norah's getting braver with creepy crawlies
Swinging the day away

 It was a wonderful weekend, the perfect way to begin summer. And the cherry on top...?!
We are finally, FINALLY getting a puppy! I may be a little more excited then the girls even! He is a black mini schnauzer coming to live with our family at the end of June!