Sunday, October 15, 2017


There has been a ton that has happened since the last post. I am sorry friends, sometimes I am just not a writer, but a feeler. So many emotions, the ups and downs, we have to really experience them first for ourselves before sharing. But I also find that when I do share, the load becomes lighter, and I am so thankful for those who have been and will be praying with us as we long to have our "S" home.

As many of you know Ethiopia has been pretty up and down with their international adoptions. On April 21, of this year they declared a no more adoptions coming from Ethiopia. This was heartbreaking. BUT God moved and there was an agreement that children matched to families prior to this date would be allowed to finish their adoption process. ++Thank you to any of you crazies who shared our signature signing petition! ++ Also thank you to Senators and Representatives from all over the U.S. who involved themselves in fighting for our families.

We moved forward to rainy season praying that all paper work on behalf of "S" would be sorted out, and we would get the official MOWA letter, and court date when courts reopened in October. Well...
during rainy season our agency officially closed their doors. We have found this out a few weeks ago. And have been scrambling for a new agency to take our case. This closing is both big news time wise and also financially. But, God has provided, and He will continue to provide.

We have applied to a new agency and are hoping to hear this week if they will accept our case and move forward with the adoption of "S". Please pray that this is the case! There is only one other agency that we know of taking cases in Ethiopia at this time.

I keep getting asked how others can help us, and honestly my hearts desire is that you would pray, for us, for "S" and for our process. This process has not been easy in any sense of the word. The hard is a reminder that this is warfare. So please, pray with us!

** Usually when I blog I think about and plan what I am going to write and share. This may seem bit scattered, because it is. Things change daily, hourly even. Please be patient with us!