Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 years and counting...

It's been two years from the start...but whose counting?!?! Ha. Things are quiet, but we are hopeful. The blog is hard to update, when there are no real updates. I promise I'll write as soon as there is any new news. Until then, I have decided to write more about family life-while we are here waiting.

This summer we have decided to go screen less. Well for the most part anyway. No facebook, no twitter, no instagram for me. No tv, no ipads for the girls. I have decided though to keep facebook activated, to post blog posts on. (yes, I am allowing blog time!) And here and there (weekly at most!) we may have a family movie night! Even in the past fews days, I have enjoyed the difference it is making for my girls and I! More outside time. More reading time. More enjoying the moment together time.

We spent our weekend at 'the camp'
Cousin Eva, so loved by our girls
The two beauties adventuring
Norah's getting braver with creepy crawlies
Swinging the day away

 It was a wonderful weekend, the perfect way to begin summer. And the cherry on top...?!
We are finally, FINALLY getting a puppy! I may be a little more excited then the girls even! He is a black mini schnauzer coming to live with our family at the end of June!

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